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7 Systems Plan

Get a new body in just 90 days!

Weight Loss always seems like a daunting task. At the Diabetes and Wellness Clinic, we use natural and safe methods to help you lose weight, regain your health, and make you feel younger.

Get a new body in just 90 days? It is the ultimate gift to yourself, and your loved ones!! You deserve a Great New Body and the staff at Diabetes and Wellness Center can help! Advances in medicine now make it possible to turn off the bad genes that lead to obesity. Cutting off the bad genes was thought to be a wish a few years ago, but it is now possible to do just that in as little as 90 days! Using LifeStyle Medicine, it is now possible to turn off the bad genes leading to store calories and unwanted fat. During this process, our Lifestyle changes turn the "Satiety" Gene so you are satisfied with less food.

People who have gone through The 7 Systems Plan can get a new body in just 90 days and these are the results they are seeing:

  • Increase their energy up to 600%
  • Decrease their cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Decrease their need for medications and prescriptions
  • Decrease the age of their body up to 15 years and feel years younger
  • Look younger and more beautiful
  • Lose 25-60 lbs
  • Increase their strength 87% and increase muscle mass
  • Increase their sex drive and frequency from 33% to 100%

Some of the elements in LifeStyle Medicine's life changing program are:

  • Gene optimization: the use of Lifestyle Medicine to turn off bad genes and turn on good genes.
  • Volumetrics: the secret to consuming large quantities of food but very few calories.
  • Micronutrient optimization: taking micronutrients that speed up the calorie burning process and maximize cell health.
  • Peak 8 exercise: doing 20 minutes of this exercise is proven to be more beneficial than 40 minutes of aerobic exercise. This will boost your Growth Hormone (the miracle anti-aging hormone that reverses the aging process).
  • Instant stress relief: five techniques are taught to instantly turn off stress and stop stress eating.
  • Education: the more educated on health you become the better health choices you make.
  • Coaching: in every major area of your life you need a coach. For your health you need a certified LifeStyle coach and medical supervision.
  • Objective testing: Knowing your organ health, vitamin levels, cellular health, metabolism, body composition, artery and heart health, speed of aging, and biological age gives you scientific numbers to work toward improving. Testing is done monthly to measure improvement and quickly make adjustments to the program if needed.

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This affordable program is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your health and beauty.

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