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Elan Light System

Light is the ultimate biological nutrient.  Light energy charges the battery of every cell from skin to bone, for enhanced energy, increased function, and cellular regeneration.  Light can travel anywhere in the body; different wavelengths reach different depths.  Elan Light Therapy features healthy wavelengths of blue, red, and infrared light energy to help build cellular health in the body.

Studies show that the body responds to blue and red and near-infrared light with decreased oxidative stress, increased circulation, lowering of pain and inflammation.  Light is metabolized into cellular energy. Proton energy from Elan Light is converted to ATP (energy source for muscles) and proteins needed for rebuilding tissue.  Light’s powerful effects balance organs and systems and stimulate our body’s innate ability to regulate and heal itself.

Light therapy has been shown to help tune the body, mind and spirit to support resting, sleep, digesting and healing.

A session with the Elan Light System is a relaxing 30 minute time of relaxation, where neoprene pads with specialized LED lights emit a selected frequency to your back, stomach, and can be specialized to specific conditions or injuries on a certain part of the body.  A session can successfully relax muscles, increase circulation, decrease pain and swelling, stimulate the immune response, increase intracellular communication, and balance the autonomic nervous system. ($50)

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