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Dr. Zweiner and her staff are the team I have looked for since being diagnosed with T1D. They take the time to get to know you - the whole you- without rushing or being dismissive. Thank you for helping me take better care of myself. - TM
We feel so comfortable knowing our 4 year old son who has T1D is in the BEST hands! Finding Dr. Michelle and her team was absolutely an answer to prayer for us. Thank you!  –MWB
I recommend the Diabetes and Wellness Clinic, because they offer many ways to help heal your body. I recommend doing the Healing Touch; I do the one for inflammation where doTerra essential oils are used. It helps with managing my pain. They also offer high dose IV Vitamin C, which helps with many things. Such as colds, inflammation, etc. I had growths on my body from the prednisone I was on in the past and when I did the high dose IV Vitamin C it diminished the growths. The Vitamin C helps with many other things. I love the extensive bloodwork that is done at this clinic, because it helps define the root cause of your health issues and this helps give direction on how the doctor can help heal your body. I also recommend the Tuesday night Wellness Class, which teaches you how to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. — TH
Dr. Michelle Brtek-Zweiner & her staff are EXCELLENT! Very caring & thorough. They take the time to get the full picture of your health or condition, & believe there is more to treating a patient than just prescribing a medication. They are interested in your wellness, which may also include some therapies that are outside of the norm of traditional medicine. Norfolk is fortunate to have such a clinic & the talents of Dr. Brtek-Zweiner & staff. I highly recommend this clinic! — SA
Excellent place very friendly and helpful staff! One of the very best clinics in this town. — CC
This is the first clinic that I have been to that cares about the whole being. They don't look down on you they care. THEY LISTEN. Finally doing better than I have in years. — GL
They really listen to you!! It's not in and out in 5 min.!!! — PP
Peaceful, warm, caring, healing, happy, loving. .yep you got it. go there. — JB
Love it. Such caring people there — KC
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