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Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy in Norfolk NE

Our hyperbaric chamber is a non-invasive procedure, where patients breathe 100% pure oxygen while enclosed in a specially designed chamber at pressure up to three times that exerted by the normal atmosphere.  A relaxing 1-2 hour session boosts oxygen levels in the body and cells, stimulating the release of chemicals that promote healing and fight infection.  High-pressure oxygen therapy is gaining attention in many medical aspects from sports injuries, fatigue from training and concussions, to diabetic ulcers and gangrene.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can accelerate and enhance healing from surgeries, wounds, brain injuries and enhances brain scan results.

Most patients rest comfortably throughout treatment watching movies, listening to music, or sleeping. At the start of the treatment, you may experience some pressure in the ears similar to taking off in an airplane, along with a slight rise in temperature.  Both of these should ease as the pressure stabilizes.

Other benefits include: rehabilitation by stimulating the body’s production of stem cells, boosts immune system function, decreases swelling and inflammation, helps body to clear toxins, increases body’s ability to fight infection, and stimulates brain and nerve cell recovery.

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